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    Blog — News & Updates

    PenGems x simply gilded Designer Collection

    Simply Gilded Designer Collection


    ** SOLD OUT **
    April 28th, 2017
    12:00pm US Central Daylight Time (CDT)

    They will be found here: simply gilded Designer Collection

    Each boxed set will also include a matching roll of simply gilded bow washi.
    Keep scrolling for more pics!👇

    Quantities are extremely limited and we expect a same-day sellout.

    *This limited-edition collection will be available to everyone at the same time, and live on (There isn't a VIP pre-release for designer pens.)

    *There is a limit of one set per customer. Set is $30 and includes all three pens and one matching simply gilded washi.

    Will they be restocked?
    Designer Collection pens are limited editions, and not restocked when they sell out.

    When will they ship?
    We'll start shipping on Saturday, and continue packaging throughout the weekend. All orders will be shipped by Tuesday.

    Important Note
    Having an item in your cart does not hold it for you. Like all online shopping carts, payment must be completed before it is yours. If you had an item in your cart and receive an "inventory error" message when you go to the checkout page, it just means someone was a split second faster, and the pen isn't available anymore. It will be removed from inventory when the payment is completed.
    simply gilded bow washi
    simply gilded designer collection box


    simply gilded top gems

    The PenGems Ultimate List

    This is the ultimate list for collectors of PenGems crystal pens. There are lots of new ones coming in the next few months, too!

    Release Date (for Limited Editions)
    Signature Collection  
    Alaska (Blue Sapphire)  
    Antoinette (Violet)  
    Aspen (White Diamond)  
    Athena (Aquamarine)  
    Ballerina (Baby Pink)  
    Blackjack (Black Onyx)  
    Candy Apple (Ruby Red)  
    Cappuccino Feb 2017
    Caribbean Blue  
    Darling (Amethyst)  
    Enchanted (Silver)  
    Fairytale (Periwinkle)  
    Heartbreaker (Pink Sapphire)  
    Juicy (Orange Topaz)  
    Lemon Twist (Citrine)  
    Neverland (Peridot)  
    Rendezvous (Antique Rose)  
    Skinny Dip (Nude Blush)  
    Wicked (Emerald)  
    Baby Blue and White  
    Charcoal Gray  
    Coral Peach  
    Amethyst Rainbow  
    Aquamarine Rainbow  
    Baby Pink Rainbow  
    Black Onyx Rainbow  
    Blue Sapphire Rainbow  
    Citrine Rainbow  
    Peridot Rainbow  
    Ruby Rainbow  
    Silver Rainbow  
    White Rainbow  
    Orchid Apr 2015
    Aubergine Jan 2015
    Marsala Jan 2015
    Pretty in Pink Jan 2016
    Arctic Blue May 2015
    Elysian Lavender May 2015
    Celestial Pink May 2015
    Heavenly White May 2015
    Iced Mint May 2015
    Polar Peach May 2015
    Winter Teal May 2015
    Halloween 2016 Oct 2016
    Havana Cabana Jan 2017
    Christmas 2015 Dec 2015
    Hollywood Boulevard
    Standing Ovation
    Autograph Collection  
    Aspen (White Diamond)
    Athena (Aquamarine)  
    Ballerina (Baby Pink)  
    Blackjack (Black Onyx)  
    Candy Apple (Ruby Red)
    Caribbean Blue  
    Darling (Amethyst)
    Macchiato Nov 2016
    Havana Cabana Jan 2017
    Cherry Red Oct 2015
    Latte Love Nov 2016
    Celestial Pink March 2017
    Elysian Lavender March 2017
    Arctic Blue March 2017
    Polar Peach March 2017
    Iced Mint March 2017
    Designer Collection  
    FiloAlly I Jul 2015
    Two Lil Bees, Co I Aug 2015
    Paper Princess Plans I Aug 2015
    the1407planners I Oct 2015
    Two Lil Bees, Co II Nov 2015
    Villabeautifful I Nov 2015
    HautePinkFluff Jan 2016
    Taylor Plans Feb 2016
    Two Lil Bees, Co III Mar 2016
    Stickewicket Designs Apr 2016
    Villabeautifful II May 2016
    Planner Glam Girl Jun 2016
    Pocketful of Sparkles Sep 2016
    Paper Princess II Oct 2016
    The1407planners II Nov 2016
    FiloAlly II Nov 2016
    simply gilded April 2017
    Sparkle for a Cause
    National Breast Cancer Foundation 2015 Oct 2015
    Sjogrens Syndrome Foundation Apr 2016
    Alliance for Lupus Research Apr 2016
    National Breast Cancer Foundation 2016 Dec 2016

    Special Events / Kits

    Atlanta Plannercon Apr 2016
    PNW Planners Apr 2016
    the1407planners Christmas Bundle Nov 2016
    Cocoa Daisy  April 2017


    Archived pens (those that are italicized) are no longer available. Some of them can be seen in the Hall of Fame, which is the list of archived Designer Collection pens.

    Limited editions are designs that were available for a short time. Designer Collection pens are also limited editions, as are holiday and VIP pens. Release dates are listed for limited editions.

    Some of the pens were renamed in late 2016, with slight changes to color or finish. The old names are next to the new ones in parenthesis. 

    PenGems + Soles4Souls Shoe Drive at the ATX Planner Retreat

    Everyone deserves a good pair of shoes

    On Saturday, February 18th, we'll have a PenGems Pop-Up Shop at the ATX (Austin, Texas) Planner Addicts Rainbow Dreams Mini Retreat. As part of our commitment to spread a little sparkle, we've partnered with Soles4Souls to host a shoe drive.

    You can donate old shoes, new shoes, red shoes, blue shoes, mens shoes, kids shoes, even those dressy shoes you don't wear anymore! We'll package them up and donate them to Soles4Souls.

    Why did we choose to partner with them? Since 2006, Soles4Souls has distributed 30 million pairs of shoes in 127 countries around the world. Over half of their distribution events occur right here in the United States.

    Watch the 3-minute video below to learn more about how they help, or visit them at 

    New Release - Havana Cabana

    PenGems Havana Cabana Inspirations

    A new shade of sparkle is coming! It's a beautiful, subdued pink that is inspired by the natural and bright colors of Cuba. The color that is technically called Cuban Orchid, but who likes to get technical? We like the name Havana Cabana!

    Havana Cabana

    This new PenGems pen will be available in both the Signature Collection (silver finishes) and Autograph Collection (gold finishes).

    This will be a limited edition release, and as always, PenGems VIPs will get first dibs. It may sell out during the VIP release.

    If you are not a VIP, we'd love for you to join us! You can sign up here:

    VIP Release: Friday, January 27th, 2017. A secret link will be sent in the VIP newsletter on January 27th.

    Public Release: Monday, January 30, 2017. Only if it doesn't sell out during the VIP release. We hold nothing back from our VIPs, so if you need it you have to sign up!

    UPDATE: The Havana Cabana pens have sold out.

    And finally, here's a picture of the pink pens side by side, so you can see the difference. From bottom left to top right, Ballerina, Havana Cabana, and Heartbreaker.

    Havana Cabana Ballerina and Heartbreaker

    We'll see you next Friday!