• Dessert-Inspired Delights: Cherry Pie & Strawberry Shortcake Pens

    Hold onto your sweet tooth, folks! We're serving up a delicious duo that’s bound to make your stationery stash the envy of all. Introducing Cherry Pie and Strawberry Shortcake—two treats that bring dessert to your desk.

    Cherry Pie and Strawberry Shortcake

    Let's start with Cherry Pie. With a deep cherry red barrel and petite cherry and pink crystals, this pen is as delightful as a slice of homemade pie. Topped with a dark red gem, it’s perfect for those moments when you need a little sweet escape from the chaos.

    Not to be outdone, the Strawberry Shortcake crystal pen adds its own flair with a glossy pink barrel and a blend of pink and red crystals. Finished with a pink gem on top, it’s like having dessert at your fingertips—without the sugar rush.

    These pens are more than just writing tools; they’re the best kind of eye candy. 
    Why settle for plain and boring when you can have your pen and eat it too?

    Available Friday, June 21st at 12pm US Central Time

    Behind The Scenes: