• New Moon, Who Dis? Meet Our Celestial Pens!

    Have you ever looked up at the night sky, marveled at the moon, and thought, "I wish I could write with that"?

    Well, dear stargazers, dreamers, and pen aficionados, your lunar fantasies are about to come true! We're launching two new crystal pens that are simply out of this world: "Just a Phase" and "Moonstruck." 🌙✨

    Just a Phase

    Ever feel like you're oscillating between a full moon and a new moon? Meet "Just a Phase." This pen, with its dark blue enamel and moon phase engraving, is a lunar cycle in your hand. Sparkling gold hardware and a mix of dark blue and gold crystals make it a cosmic wonder. The blue gem on top? Cooler than a moonlit night.


    If you’ve ever been moonstruck (who hasn’t?), this pen is your match. This golden beauty shines brighter than a full moon and is filled with blue and gold crystals. Perfect for jotting down your next epic grocery list or moonlit sonnet.

    Both pens are perfect for night sky lovers. Whether you're jotting notes or writing poetry, these moon-themed beauties are ready to shine.

    Your new favorite pens are here!