• Chill Out with Sno-Cone Inspired Crystal Pens

    Hey there, pen pals! We’ve got something extra cool to share that’ll make you feel like a kid in a candy store—literally. Introducing our newest, yummiest collection inspired by the classic sno-cone flavors we all know and love. 🌈✨

    What's the Scoop?

    Each pen in this collection is like a mini party on your desk. We’ve packed a rainbow of crystals inside and topped them off with a color-shifting gem that’s basically magic. And the best part? These beauties are handcrafted right here in our Texas workshop, with each pen featuring dazzling glass crystals that sparkle brighter than a sno-cone stand at the state fair.

    Rainbow Pens in Sno Cone Flavors

    Flavor Explosion!

    Here’s the lineup:

    • Licorice Delight (Black): Available for immediate shipping! A sleek black barrel and enough sparkle to light up your life.
    • Watermelon Wave (Red): Juicy and fun, perfect for those summer vibes.
    • Tangerine Dream (Orange): Bold and zesty, this one’s like a citrus festival in your hand.
    • Bodacious Banana (Yellow): Sunny and cheerful, guaranteed to brighten your day.
    • Kiwi Krush (Green): Fresh and vibrant, ready to add a twist to your to-do list.
    • Blue Hawaiian (Blue): Cool and breezy, like a tropical getaway for your notes.
    • Grape Escape (Purple): Rich and playful, a royal treat for your writing.

    Pre-Order Details

    Because you asked (and asked, and asked), we’re making these deliciously colorful pens on demand. They’re available for pre-order this weekend only

    Each flavor will be available in silver, gold, or rose gold. Licorice Delight will be available in sparkling enamel or matte chrome. With so many possible options, we don't want to make too much of one, and not enough of another.

    Just remember, if you add other items to your order, they’ll ship with your pre-order pens. If you need something ASAP, order it separately.

    Orders will finish shipping in about two weeks, but we’ll send orders out as soon as they're ready. Please allow the full two weeks before inquiring about your order, and don't worry if others get shipping notices before you. We'll be working in batches to get through them all quickly.

    If you'd rather wait, we'll add any extras to regular stock when the pre-orders are finished

    Why Wait?

    Licorice Delight is ready to ship right away, so if you can't wait to get your hands on some PenGems magic, start there! For the other flavors, place your pre-order this weekend and be the first to get that summer sunshine in your hands!

    Behind the Scenes