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    2017 PenGems Personal Printable Planner Inserts

    Get a headstart on 2017 by downloading these free inserts for your personal planner. They have a simple black and white theme that is perfect for decorating.

    PenGems 2017 Personal Size Planner Insert Set

    Each of the layouts below are included in the set. 

    2017 PenGems Personal Size Year on One Page Insert 2017 PenGems Personal Size Week on Two Pages Insert
    2017 PenGems Personal Size Month on Two Pages Insert 2017 PenGems Personal Size Lined Notes Insert

    The download includes these four layouts:

    • Year on One Page Overview
    • Dated Month on Two Pages
    • Undated Week on Two Pages
    • Lined Notes

    And you'll never run out of inserts, because you can always print more!

    The download is a 765 KB Zip file that will download immediately. Inside the file are four individual PDFs, ready to print on US Letter 8 1/2" x 11" paper. They come with crop marks so you know exactly where to cut them. For the best results, set your printer to print in actual size (not "fit to page"), and double-sided.

    It will download immediately when you click the link below.

    Download your set here:

    They are free for personal use.

    Show us how you're using them by using #pengems on social media.


    Meet Kiara, the Paper Princessđź‘‘

    "She believed she could so she did."

    Paper Princess PlansPenGems presents Kiara, also known as Paper Princess. We fell in love with her popular Plan with Me videos on YouTube instantly. Her ambitious attitude and eye for creative layouts makes her a perfect choice as this month's designer.

    Kiara, a resident of New York City, fell in love with the planner world after watching a Kikki.K planner haul. She purchased the same planner the next day and began writing her own #plannergirl story. Her Plan With Me videos on YouTube have inspired thousands to begin their own journey in the planner community. Kiara's creativity branched out when she opened her Etsy shop, Paper Princess Plans. 

    She loves making tassels because "they're so soft and give any planner an extra touch of glam." She uses them on everything, including her car keys. Her creative passion turned into a small business that she enjoys.

    "It's been a long time since I've found a hobby I love this much so I want to grow it as much as I can," says Kiara. We already know she's the next big thing! 

    Paper Princess Plans Tassels

    Kiara spends her free time with her boyfriend, family, and fur babies. A homebody at heart, she can't pass up a major Netflix binge; "Lost" is currently on her playlist.

    She loves Mexican cuisine and seafood, a good department store like Nordstrom, and believes a great handbag makes everything better.

    This fall and winter-loving planner girl flips for holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. She loves all the seasonal festivities and family time.

    Paper Princess Plans

    "She believed she could so she did," is a motto she lives by. Kiara believed and is doing what it takes to become the best she can be.

    This Paper Princess pops as a PenGems designer with her style, character, and heart.

    Show her some love by visiting her Etsy shop, YouTube channel, or Instagram.

    2017 PenGems A5 Printable Planner Inserts

    Get a headstart on 2017 by downloading these free inserts for your A5 planner. They have a simple black and white theme that is perfect for decorating.

    PenGems 2017 A5 Insert Set

    Click the images below to preview the inserts that come in this set.

    PenGems 2017 A5 Year on One Page PenGems 2017 A5 Month on Two Pages
    PenGems A5 Undated Week on Two Pages PenGems A5 Lined Notes

    Each set of four inserts contains one of the each of these:

    • 2017 Year on One Page Overview
    • 2017 Dated Month on Two Pages
    • Undated Week on Two Pages
    • Lined Notes

    They are ready to print on US Letter (8 1/2" x 11") paper, with crop marks to show you exactly where to cut them. Print them double-sided, and remember to uncheck "fit to page" or "adjust size" in your print settings. If there is an "actual size" option, check that.

    There are four layouts contained in the single 1.68 MB zip file. It will download immediately when you click the link below.

    Download your set here:

    They are free for personal use.

    Show us how you're using them by using #pengems on social media.


    How to Find More Time

    How to Find More Time

    You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé.

    Yes, you have the same 24 hours as she does. Yes, she has a staff and handlers...but maybe she's also just really good at managing her time. Let's channel our inner Beyonce and see if we can find you a few more minutes (maybe even an hour!) every day.

    Manage your time by finding lost time.

    Lost time is time that you didn’t even realize you were wasting in the first place. It's like putting spare change in a piggy bank and one day you realize it’s totaled over $100!

    There are ways to find little bits of time that are often overlooked because people tend to think of time management as being large blocks of time available. You can do a lot with just ten or fifteen minutes. 

    Don’t waste the time you have while waiting in a doctor’s office. Grab your planner and plan out the rest of your week, or answer emails on your phone. If you're really on top of it, you can get a treadmill with a desk so you can multitask while walking up those virtual hills. Multitask!

    Realize not everything that seems 

    It only seems that way, and it can be a tough lesson to learn. If something isn’t a matter of you being happy and succeeding personally or professionally, then it’s not important. 

    Run ahead, not behind. 

    When you get behind schedule, it can make you feel a lot of pressure and it adds stress to your life. Try to get things done ahead of time because this gives you a buffer in time management. You know you should do this, you little procrastinator.

    Take time to plan, reflect, and retry.

    Every morning take 15 minutes to create an agenda, reflect on something you learned the previous day or make a game plan for retrying whatever you feel wasn't successful. You could even use a crystal pen to visualize your future like a crystal ball. Not really, but they are great for writing down your schedule!

    Delegating is another great way to help with time management. 

    If you earn $100 per hour, then an hour of mowing the grass costs you $100. But if you pay someone $25 to mow the grass, then you saved an hour and $75 because you gained time.

    Deal with emails the right way.

    The number one time thief is your email inbox. Manage your time wisely with email by setting aside a specific time to deal with email and setting a time limit on how long you’ll take responding to the messages.

    If they’re not important, don’t save them to look at later because they’ll only pile up in your inbox. 

    Beware, once you become more intentional with your time, you will feel like a superhero! Life gets simply easier and enjoyable.

    Lastly, Carpe Diem, the world is waiting for the new organized you.

    Do you have any tips to finding more time? Share them in the comments.

    Fall in Love with Pocketful of Sparklesđź’Ž

    "The more you get to know a person, the more attractive they become to you. Because everything you see on the inside of them, suddenly you are able to see on the outside of them." -Unknown

    Ever wonder how we fall head over heels in love with our designers? Well, each designer embodies characteristics we admire and adore. Read on to find our more about Maria of Pocketful of Sparkles.

    Pocketful of Sparkles

    Maria is a mother, wife, and fellow planner whose creativity turned into a Pocketful of Sparkles. "I've been inspired to document my life since high school," says Maria. Carrying a planner and documenting life's details came naturally. She stumbled into the wonderful world of decorating her planner by chance, but once she started her friends knew her creations should be shared. The detail, time, and enjoyment she puts into each piece are amazing. You would think she made them for a loved one.

    Maria spends her free time crafting, reading, scrapbooking, and of course, the occasional Starbucks break with a stop at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. She fits right into the planner community. Creating planner clips and charms brings her joy. Her favorite clip right now is the new Rhinestone Circle paper clip because it can be used year around. A close second is her Butterfly Planner clip that she says, "makes me smile every time I see them." The Pocketful of Sparkles philosophy to "love what you love," radiates in all her pieces.

    Pocketful of Sparkles

    At the moment, Maria (like all Texas natives) loves the idea of fall and winter. She's been working on new items for her shop, but also creating life albums to document her year. I bet we would find pictures of her eating seafood and anything sweet, while shopping at craft stores for stickers her favorite colors, purple and teal. I bet she even wrote down that her favorite memory as a shop owner this year was, "making friendships with wonderful girls from all over."

    No matter what she has in her life album, her zest for the little things like stickers in her planner makes us love her uniqueness. We asked Maria what her goals are in five years and she said, "To live a life full of joy and happiness with my family and friends." How could her goals not become a reality when she tries to live by the bible verse, "trust in the Lord with all your heart."

    Maria is a shop owner, mother, wife, and friend who clearly makes the cut as a loved PenGems designer.

    Shop her designer pen here: Pocketful of Sparkles Designer Pen