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    Lisa H., Marietta, GA > One of the worst parts of my week is writing (old school) checks for bills and the BEST part; writing said bill with a PenGems pen! I have bought about 10 of these so far and in getting the pen to it's recipient, I have had to re-order said pen as either my best friend or this last time the sweetest ever night nurse at St. Joe's Hospital got the Ruby Red one for "doing those chart notes..." There's more old school writing going on than we ever expected! My 91-year-old mom loved the Stylus pen as did my daughter who grabbed one for her iPad. These pens are worth every dang dime and hooray for the choices of pink and purple ink for refills.

    Vicki H., Pocatello, ID (GemConfetti-USA) > PenGems would be the ultimate accent to your wedding reception guest book table or even as a useful and memorable wedding favor for your guests. I ordered 6 PenGems as Mother's Day gifts (after asking for everyone's favorite colors) and all my recipients LOVED them AND I was able to get them in everyone's favorite colors because there are so many options. The customer service given by Angel was amazing and she let me know that she had delivered my pens to the post office the same day that I ordered them. You won't be sorry if you order pens from Check them out and see for yourself!

    Blog Reviews

    Celery Days > These are fashion pens through and through. You get what you pay for, in my opinion; a beautiful pen with super efficient shipping, wonderful packaging, and excellent customer service. I absolutely recommend these pens for anyone looking to add something special to their "cute" pens collection! How can anyone resist all that beautiful sparkle, after all. ...Read More.

    Wonderfullifee > Writing with these pens is a dream. I was concerned that because I live in a colder climate and Canada Post had probably held them in a warehouse for a few days, that the ink wouldn’t run. I was so wrong. You know when you buy pens from the store and you have to draw tons of little circles on the page to get them to start working? Yeah? Well not with these! The write perfectly! ...Read more.

    Robyn's Little Nest > What is an amazing pairing for an awesome planner? A gorgeous pen!! That’s what! Do you like color? Sparkle? Gems? Seriously….did I mention sparkle? I have to say, I am really picky about how my pens write. These write smooth without an overflow of ink! Can you see my happy dance?? Maybe it’s best you don’t! ;) ...Read More

    It's A Planner's Life > Pengems...what can I say about Pengems! They are the best! If you follow us on instagram you know that I am constantly posting about these pens and always have one in my planner but that because I love them so much! I also thought I should mention that I have bought and paid for each and every one of my pengems and am not affiliated with them in any way. I have currently 6 colors of these amazing sparkling pens. They are ballpoint pens, but write so smoothly you almost wouldn't know it. ...Read More 

    Milk and Cookies > So this is off topic from books, but because most book lovers are also writers at heart (even if it's just journals or list making) and writers love pens I have to share my new pens with you!
    There are the prettiest, best pens I have had in a long time. I first saw them on instagram and quickly tracked down a place I could buy them ( And now look-- I have five of them! You get free ink refills with each one you order. They come in black ink but if you ask when you order they will send you blue ink refills. So I have some in blue and some in black!
    Look how nicely they match my notebooks! ...Read more>

    Stuff I Love Blog > Pretty up your workspace with these gorgeous PenGems Crystal Pens! As you can see in the photos below, the body of the pen is filled with colored crystals that sparkle in the light.  The three colors I received are pink, purple, and white. The pink and purple signature crystal pens actually have a pretty gemstone at the top, whereas the white pen has a rubbery black top that can be used as a stylus, which is brilliant! ...Read more> 

    Dum Diddy Dum > Are you looking for a girly, state of the art writing utensil that will suit your everyday writing purposes!? Well, if you answered no I’m sure this blog post will change your mind, and for those of you that answered yes you're in luck! The answer is PenGems! PenGems are crystal pens,who doesn’t love crystals, that come in 21 gemstone colors. Each one of the PenGems contains more than 120 Swarovski Elements Crystals. If you’re looking for PenGems that suite your everyday writing needs then you should have a look at their Signature PenGems but, if you own any touch screen devices  then you’ll want to check out the Stylus PenGems. ...Read more>

    Glitter in the QuarterI chose the Caribbean Blue Crystal Ballpoint Pen and the Black Onyx Stylus Pen. Yes, you read that right. They make stylus as well as regular ballpoint pens. Fancy! PenGems are filled with genuine Swarovski elements crystals, and come in all colors of the rainbow. There is even a pen that is literally a rainbow. Each pen comes with a free refill, which I think is an amazing idea. So many pens end up in landfill so it’s refreshing to see a company actively encourage you to retain the same pen and purchase refills for it. You can buy refills in black, blue, pink and purple. So cute! ...Read more>

    Chic Mommy in PinkI recently came to a realization that I am a planner addict. When I jumped on the Filofax bandwagon I literally dived in head first because I am completely in love with these planners. Life is more manageable with my Filofax planners by my side and of course when using these planners you must ALWAYS have the right kind of pens to use. You know the kind that writes so smooth and just glide with every word you write. ...Read more>

    Smilingrid > You know two things I love? Writing and sparkles! What better way to combine the two than a beautiful rainbow crystal ballpoint pen from PenGems? (I) was absolutely blown away by the customer service! They not only sent me the pen extremely quickly, it came with such a sweet note! I'm guessing Angel wrote the message with her own pen gem, so that's rather nice symmetry don'tcha think? ...Read more >

    SweetJellyBean > If you’re into sparkly things (and who isn’t??) then you’ll love PenGems Crystal Pens! This is your ultimate girly girl’s must-have pen and perfect to take with you wherever you go. For bloggers like me, who likes to feel old school with having a notepad & pen handy at all times yet conflicted to be apart with my tech gizmo, the 2-in-1 Stylus PenGems is my perfect match! This features a stylus silicon tip compatible with touchscreen devices. What I love about these crystal pens is that they feel sturdy, very functional, beautifully designed and here’s the best part, refills available! ...Read more>

    A Country Girl CanI was browsing around the web when I stumbled across these GORGEOUS pens and just knew I NEEDED to have them in my life! While I am sure that sounds absolutely ridiculous it is so true though! I am a pen fanatic and well if it has sparkles, glitter, gem stones or just down right pretty I want it!  What makes PenGems different from any of the other pens I have owned, still own, used or still use? I will tell you they are for one absolutely GORGEOUS as well as being elegant with the hint of "sparkle" that most women love. ...Read More>

    Hey, It's Iris > As a proud member of the stationary-addicts anonymous for let’s say, fourteen years, I can tell you that pens are a huge part of using notebooks to their full potential. So, I was incredibly excited when I got to try PenGems pen! ...Read more>

    Lace It Up Love > The Stylus PenGem works really well with my touchscreen devices. With my iPod, I can just use my stylus to easily enter in my pass code and switch apps when I use my assisted touch button since I broke my home button. It’s relatively easy to use on my laptop, but I have to press down a little harder since my laptop isn't as sensitive as my iPod. These pens are amazing. They are so smooth and easy to write with. They don’t smudge and the site guarantees a refund or exchange if you don’t love your pen! I recommend you guys to check out the shop since the owner is also such a sweetheart. She’s very easy to talk to and I’m sure you guys will love her! ...Read more>