• PenGems x simply gilded Designer Collection

    Simply Gilded Designer Collection


    ** SOLD OUT **
    April 28th, 2017
    12:00pm US Central Daylight Time (CDT)

    They will be found here: simply gilded Designer Collection

    Each boxed set will also include a matching roll of simply gilded bow washi.
    Keep scrolling for more pics!👇

    Quantities are extremely limited and we expect a same-day sellout.

    *This limited-edition collection will be available to everyone at the same time, and live on (There isn't a VIP pre-release for designer pens.)

    *There is a limit of one set per customer. Set is $30 and includes all three pens and one matching simply gilded washi.

    Will they be restocked?
    Designer Collection pens are limited editions, and not restocked when they sell out.

    When will they ship?
    We'll start shipping on Saturday, and continue packaging throughout the weekend. All orders will be shipped by Tuesday.

    Important Note
    Having an item in your cart does not hold it for you. Like all online shopping carts, payment must be completed before it is yours. If you had an item in your cart and receive an "inventory error" message when you go to the checkout page, it just means someone was a split second faster, and the pen isn't available anymore. It will be removed from inventory when the payment is completed.
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