• Ruby, the Royal History of July's Birthstone

    Ruby Red Signature Crystal Pen PenGems

    A symbol of zeal and passion, Ruby is the birthstone of July and is the inspiration for our Ruby Red Signature Crystal Pen. The suspended ruby red crystal chatons inside the clear acrylic and the faceted ruby rhinestone top transform this pen from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Considered to be one of the most precious stone, there is no better way to demonstrate your love to someone by giving them this elegant ruby inspired piece for their birthday.
    Ruby is said to guarantee success in wisdom, health, love and wealth; a stone that is able to arouse the senses and stir the imagination. Historically titled the “King of Gems”, many believed that this red July birthstone would protect the wearer from evil. The choice stone of Kings, head of warrior tribes and political leaders, the ruby brought about enhanced leadership qualities and the power of decision making. Consider that, the next time you sign your name using our Ruby Red Signature Crystal Pen.
    From the Latin word “rubens”; this magnificent stone is the second hardest mineral. Originating in India, this regal gem adorned Indian rulers for centuries and can be found in the famous Imperial State Crown – worn at the coronation of Queen Victoria. The gem of kings, queens and great rulers of the world, ruby bestows passion and greatest to both the recipient and the giver of the stone. So go ahead and give a gift from which you will receive your own passion and greatest.
    Our Ruby Red Signature Crystal Pen makes for the perfect gift to that woman born in the month of July. It embraces her honesty, sentimental spirit and sensitivity. Featuring a smooth black ink and replaceable cartridge, this Ruby Red Signature Crystal pen will ignite the friendly and approachable July- born queen and is a gift that will last a lifetime.