• Peridot, the Emerald of the Evening

    Peridot PenGems Birthstone Crystal Pen

    The gemstone of the summer month of August, peridot, is shown off in all its glory in the Peridot Green Signature Crystal Pen. Feel the awesome magical powers said to be found in this gemstone as you write with our signature pen or give as a gift to bring the owner power, influence and a wonderful year.

    Characterized by its vivid green with a hint of gold, the peridot is the inspiration behind the glimmering rhinestone that crowns the Peridot Green Signature Crystal Pen. The revered radiant green shine of the peridot does not change in artificial light and is called the ‘Emerald of the Evening’.

    The peridot is considered to be a historic gemstone, which has become very popular again. The peridot dates back to biblical times and can be found in Egyptian jewelry like those worn by Cleopatra. Early Christians considered this gem one from Mother Nature and was therefore considered sacred.

    Associated with love, loyalty, commitment and harmony, the Peridot Green Signature Crystal Pen would make for the perfect gift to that significant other in your life. Peridot is a favorite stone for personal relationships inclusive of strong friendship and martial bonds. Napoleon used peridot to assure Josephine of his undying love and admiration. The peridot stone is also known to be the ideal gift for a couple’s 16th anniversary. 

    The Peridot Green Signature Crystal Pen features peridot green crystals that float inside the clear acrylic barrel and has matching peridot green enamel. There is no hiding the statement to be made when this pen emerges to write. Indeed, it will emit the Greek meaning of peridot – bringing abundance. Purchase this statement today for yourself or as a gift with significant meaning. The Peridot Green Signature may very well usher in all the abundance you could ever want!