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Uni-ball Jetstream Refill Cartridge 0.5mm

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Unique to uni-ball, this system is designed to be quick and clean. Jetstream ink dries 9 times faster than a standard ballpoint, perfect for left-handed writers. It is a hybrid gel/rollerball ink, with incredible smoothness for crisp, vivid lines. The best ballpoint you will ever use! Watch the video from Dr. Uni-ball, at the bottom of this page, to explain the revolutionary ink.

Limit of 3 per month, per customer.

  • Brand: Uni-ball
  • Ink Type: Hybrid
  • Point Size: Fine / 0.5 mm 
  • MPN: SXR-200-05
  • Nickel silver tube and tip
  • Made in Japan

    Note that screw top that came on the ink cartridge of your pen is part of the pen, not the refill. Just pull the top off the old refill and push onto the top of the new refill.

    Gel, Ballpoint, or Hybrid? Which Ink is Right for You? 

    Your pen will come with black ink installed and an extra refill cartridge.