• Spring It On Easter Egg Crystal Pen

    Hop right into the season with Spring it On," the crystal pen that's channeling Easter Sunday's best pastel vibes! It's barrel is dolled up with an Easter egg print that's a kaleidoscope of pastel pizzazz—think of the hippest eggs at the hunt. It's a sparkly salad of crystals in chill blues, sunshine yellows, soft oranges, and not-your-basic pink, making it the life of the desk party. Capped off with a light pink gem that’s the icing on the cake, this pen struts in silver hardware that could outshine the Easter Bunny’s bling. Whether jotting down a spring fling or penning your next big thing, let Spring it On be your sidekick for all things bright and beautiful.

    Release Date | March 2024

    Collection | Special Editions