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    Sassy Grass

    Introducing Sassy Grass, the dazzling crystal pen from our Trippie Hippie collection that'll make you want to boogie down! This statement-maker features a sparkling avocado green barrel that's as eye-catching as a groovy disco ball, while the goldtone metal hardware will  make you feel like a 70s superstar. The pen's true magic lies in its enchanting blend of ivory, brown, green, and gold crystals, which shimmer and sparkle like a treasure trove of vintage gems unearthed at a bohemian boutique. As part of the Trippie Hippie Collection, Sassy Grass brings the essence of the 70s to life, inspiring you to unleash your creativity with flair and funk. Grab this pen, let your inner hippie shine, and let Sassy Grass be your muse as you create your own kaleidoscope of groovy stories!

    Release Date | April 2023

    Collection | Trippie Hippie