• Golden Hour Crystal Pen

    Meet Golden Hour, the pen that embraces the cozy, earthy vibes of autumn. 

    This pen is like a warm hug from your favorite sweater. Its golden "glassed" barrel glows with the colors of a sunset, giving you that comfy feeling of wrapping up in a blanket as the day winds down. 

    Inside, walk through crunchy leaves with an ombre of gold, orange, brown, and green crystals – pure fall vibes, right? And let's not forget the down-to-earth brown topaz gem on top, keeping it all grounded with the gold hardware.

    Golden Hour isn't just a pen; it's your ticket to soaking in the best of autumn. Whether you're scribbling notes, sketching your pumpkin spice latte, or just enjoying its cozy vibes, let Golden Hour be your fall companion. 

    Release Date | October 2023