• PenGems to Release Elegant Designer Pen Created by Natasha Corrigan


    New creation is a fun fall embellishment

    SALADO, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 2, 2016 - PenGems is excited to announce a brand new designer pen that will soon be released.

    PenGems collaborated with Natasha Corrigan, who designed the fall-themed embellishment. Corrigan is the owner of the1407planners. After working in the printing industry for more than two decades, Corrigan set out to create stunning planners to fit every need. Her designs range from cute to functional, offering something for everyone. At the1407planners website, shoppers can find planners, inserts, and seasonal items.

    Corrigan recently created the design for a brand new pen for the PenGems Designer Collection.

    At PenGems, customers can shop a range of creatively designed pens. In addition, the company offers stationery, accessories, ink refills, and more. The PenGems Designer Collection includes pens that were created by designers, including the Paper Princess Crystal Pen and the Pocketful of Sparkles Crystal Pen.

    Corrigan’s design features a burgundy enameled barrel with gold accents. The chamber holds peridot, chocolate, and light burgundy crystals that catch and refract light for a stunning appearance. The1407planners Designer Collection Crystal Pen also features a light burgundy, 12-facet Preciosa crystal.

    The new pen offers smooth, black ink and comes with an extra refill. The latest PenGems pen also offers a sleek pocket clip.

    PenGems is thrilled to have worked with Corrigan for this all-new, exclusive design. The new addition to the Designer Collection will retail for $10. The1407planners Designer Collection Crystal Pen will be launched on November 6, 2016, at 12:00pm EST.

    More information can be found at

    the1407planners designer crystal pen

    About PenGems

    PenGems offers unique, brilliant crystal pens in stunning gemstone colors.


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