• The Great PenGems Renaming Project

    Out with the old, in with the new!

    With the redesign of the pens, it was time to give them fun new names. Yes, we were inspired by nail polish!

    The new pen colors are based on the older ones, so they are very similar. For example, the new Candy Apple is based on Ruby Red, but we gave it a high-gloss finish.

    This handy little chart will tell you what the new name is, and the old one, so #pengemsaddicts like you will know what you already have in your collection.

    New Name Old Name
    Antoinette Violet
    Skinny Dip Nude Blush
    Lemon Twist Citrine
    Heartbreaker Pink Sapphire
    Alaska Blue Sapphire
    Blackjack Black Onyx
    Candy Apple Ruby Red
    Fairytale Periwinkle
    Darling Amethyst
    Juicy Orange Topaz
    Aspen White Diamond
    Ballerina Baby Pink
    Athena Aquamarine
    Wicked Emerald
    Rendezvous Antique Rose
    Neverland Peridot
    Enchanted Silver