• Fall in Love with Pocketful of Sparklesđź’Ž

    "The more you get to know a person, the more attractive they become to you. Because everything you see on the inside of them, suddenly you are able to see on the outside of them." -Unknown

    Ever wonder how we fall head over heels in love with our designers? Well, each designer embodies characteristics we admire and adore. Read on to find our more about Maria of Pocketful of Sparkles.

    Pocketful of Sparkles

    Maria is a mother, wife, and fellow planner whose creativity turned into a Pocketful of Sparkles. "I've been inspired to document my life since high school," says Maria. Carrying a planner and documenting life's details came naturally. She stumbled into the wonderful world of decorating her planner by chance, but once she started her friends knew her creations should be shared. The detail, time, and enjoyment she puts into each piece are amazing. You would think she made them for a loved one.

    Maria spends her free time crafting, reading, scrapbooking, and of course, the occasional Starbucks break with a stop at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. She fits right into the planner community. Creating planner clips and charms brings her joy. Her favorite clip right now is the new Rhinestone Circle paper clip because it can be used year around. A close second is her Butterfly Planner clip that she says, "makes me smile every time I see them." The Pocketful of Sparkles philosophy to "love what you love," radiates in all her pieces.

    Pocketful of Sparkles

    At the moment, Maria (like all Texas natives) loves the idea of fall and winter. She's been working on new items for her shop, but also creating life albums to document her year. I bet we would find pictures of her eating seafood and anything sweet, while shopping at craft stores for stickers her favorite colors, purple and teal. I bet she even wrote down that her favorite memory as a shop owner this year was, "making friendships with wonderful girls from all over."

    No matter what she has in her life album, her zest for the little things like stickers in her planner makes us love her uniqueness. We asked Maria what her goals are in five years and she said, "To live a life full of joy and happiness with my family and friends." How could her goals not become a reality when she tries to live by the bible verse, "trust in the Lord with all your heart."

    Maria is a shop owner, mother, wife, and friend who clearly makes the cut as a loved PenGems designer.

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