• Everyone Loves an Irish Girl: A Tribute to Heritage and Hope

    February 21, 2024 2 min read

    Hey PenGems family,

    We're all about the glitz and the glam, the fun and the fabulous, but today we're here for something that tugs on the heartstrings—a cause that's as close to us as the pen is to paper. We’re rolling out a pen that's a little bit of magic and a whole lot of love: our tribute to a member of our PenGems family who left us too soon.

    Everyone Loves an Irish Girl

    She was the heartbeat of our office, with a laugh as infectious as a St. Patrick's Day jig and a love for all things green. She was proud of her Irish roots, and we want to honor that in the best way we know how—by creating a pen that's as vibrant and full of life as she was, Everyone Loves an Irish Girl. A pen that's not just for jotting down notes, but for celebrating heritage and creating hope.

    Crafted with a green barrel as rich as the hills of Ireland, Everyone Loves an Irish Girl is filled with crystals in the hues of the Irish flag, and topped with an orange gem brighter than gold, this pen is a piece of her story. And now, it can be a part of yours too.

    We didn't plan to make another St. Patrick's Day pen this year. Life, as it often does, threw a curveball. We're hoping to turn it into a rainbow leading to a pot of support for her loved ones.The initial proceeds from the sale of this pen will go to her family, to help alleviate the financial costs of her sudden and unexpected passing. So, if you love Ireland, cherish St. Patrick's Day, or simply want to carry a piece of her legacy with you, this pen's perfect.

    Because in the end, everyone truly does love an Irish girl, and it's our honor to help our favorite Irish girl's family in the way we know best.

    The PenGems Team

    P.S. Everyone Loves an Irish Girl will be made on demand, so please allow a few extra days for shipping. It will be available for sale Friday at noon.

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