• Color Tales: Weaving Magic into PenGems Designs

    Color Tales: Weaving Magic into PenGems Designs

    Introduction: Hello PenGems fans! Ever curious about how your favorite pen goes from idea to gem-topped wonder? Let's take a peek behind the scenes at our design process, where creativity meets precision craftsmanship.

    Step 1: Gathering Inspiration:

    It all starts with a look around – nature, city vibes, the latest flick, or even a slice of pie can spark our next big idea. These bits of beauty are where our pen stories begin.

    Step 2: Turning Inspiration into Color Palettes:

    Next up, the Pantone charts – our color bible. They're our go-to for bringing those daydreams down to earth, turning them into colors you’ll love to scribble with.

    Pantone Color Charts

    Step 3: Crafting the Pen Design:

    THere's where we get our hands dirty (well, not literally). Mixing and matching hues, we figure out what looks best on our pens. We match the crystals here too. It’s a bit of fun, a dash of style, and all PenGems.

    Step 4: The Signature Gem:

    The grand finale – picking that perfect gem on top. More than just bling, it's the heart of the pen. Each gem is carefully chosen to fit the vibe and story of the pen it sits on.


    And that's how we do it! From a little inspiration to the pen that jazzes up your desk, every PenGems pen is a mini masterpiece, a snippet of a story, and a bit of inspiration right in your hand.