• A Blooming Festive Frenzy: Unveil a New Floral Gem Each Day this Holiday Weekend!

    From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, PenGems Blossoms with Daily Festive Floral Pen Drops!

    Get ready to add a burst of holiday cheer to your pen collection! This Black Friday through Cyber Monday, PenGems is unveiling an exclusive Festive Floral Series, featuring four dazzling designs to make your writing bloom with joy. Each day, a new floral fantasy will be revealed, beginning at high noon on Friday and continuing through the weekend.

    Festive Florals

    Holly Berry: Friday Festivities Begin

    Kick off your Black Friday shopping with a flourish! At 12:00 PM, alongside our Wine Country collection, the Holly Berry pen makes its grand entrance. This pen isn't just a writing instrument; it's a piece of holiday art. Adorned with vibrant green and ruby crystals and a ruby gem on top, it's the perfect companion for crafting your holiday wish lists or penning season's greetings.


    Amaryllis Bloom: Saturday's Star

    As the clock strikes 12:01 AM on Saturday, the Amaryllis Bloom pen blossoms into the spotlight. This pen captures the essence of winter's favorite flower, rose gold hardware that glints with every word you write. It's not just a pen; it's an amaryllis garden in your pocket!


    Under the Mistletoe: Sunday's Surprise

    The magic continues at 12:01 AM on Sunday with the Under the Mistletoe pen. Ready for a festive twist? This pen, with its shimmering green crystals, invites you to steal a kiss of inspiration with every jot and scribble. It's the perfect accessory for those cozy holiday gatherings.


    Poinsettia Rosetta: Cyber Monday's Crown Jewel

    Finally, at 12:01 AM on Monday, the Poinsettia Rosetta pen arrives just in time for Cyber Monday, blooming alongside our BOGO event. This pen dazzles with its intricate poinsettia design and lustrous red and green crystals. It's a festive flourish that adds sparkle to your cyber shopping. However, please note that this collection of pens are excluded from the Cyber Monday sale.


    These pens are as unique as snowflakes - once they're gone, they're gone! So, mark your calendars and get ready to embrace the spirit of the holidays with PenGems' Festive Floral Series. Each pen is a limited edition, destined to make every writing moment a celebration of the season.