• Coming Soon - More refill options for your pens

    Zebra Refills for PenGems

    You already love your PenGems, and maybe you've tried some of the refill options in different colors. But soon, we'll be added a lot of new options I think you'll love.

    You'll be able to customize your PenGems with Zebra refills! In Japan, Zebra is one of the top pen manufacturers. They've been in business since 1897 in Japan, and they've been available in the United States since 1984. Their line of refills are cult favorites here in the States, and for good reason! There are so many options that there is definitely one to match your writing style.

    Do you prefer gel or ballpoint? A bold 1.0mm line, or a fine 0.4mm point? What about colors? Maybe you prefer a bright carmine red, or a subtle Bordeaux? 

    You'll be happy to hear that we'll be offering all of the options of Zebra refills that are guaranteed to fit your PenGem perfectly. The refills are not available through Zebra here in the States, so we've partnered with a stationery shop in Japan to get them to you. The first shipment is on its way, and I've made sure to grab as many options and sizes as I could for you.