• 8 Perfect Gift Occasions for PenGems

    Wish for PenGems

    Trying to find a gift for someone that sparkles? A set of PenGems makes a perfectly personal gift. They'll love that you remembered their special day.

    We have so many colors, you're sure to find the right one to say what you want to say. Grab their favorite colors, birthstone, or colors to match the occasion.

    Without further ado, here's our list of eight gifting occasions that deserve a little fabulosity!

    Top 8 Reasons to Give PenGems

    1. Birthdays, of course! Get them a set of matching PenGems, in Signature or Stylus, in their birthstone. Our Ruby Red PenGems are perfect for July birthdays!
    2. Baby Showers - The new mommy will love PenGems! Get her blue for boys, pink for girls, and yellow for "I don't know yet."
    3. Weddings and Bridesmaids - We have so many colors of PenGems, you're sure to find a perfect match for your wedding colors. 
    4. Thank You - Show your gratitude with a handwritten thank you note, and include a PenGem with it. 
    5. Promotion - Your co-worker just got promoted, and she needs a little sparkle to go with that spring in her step! Show her how proud you are of her accomplishment, and help her decorate her new office space with something glamorous.
    6. Graduation - She just graduated! She probably wore out a few pens taking all of those notes. She'll appreciate a new crystal pen as your way of saying, "Congratulations!" Plus, PenGems are refillable so she'll never run out of ink.
    7. Christmas - PenGems make perfect stocking-stuffers! I know it's a bit early to be talking about Christmas gifts, but we're just putting a that little thought into your head now ;) 
    8. Just Because - Let her know you were thinking of her. The best gifts are those given for no reason at all. 

    What other gift-giving occasions can you think of?