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Pillow Loves Lilibet Bunny Rabbit 3-Piece Pens Gift Set

Limited Edition

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Presenting the ultimate writing trifecta: the Pillow Loves Lilibet crystal pen set! This majestic collection features our beloved stars Prince Pillow, Princess Lilibet, and Bunningham Palace, nestled together in a luxuriously foiled gift box. It's like Easter, a royal wedding, and a trip to the pen palace all rolled into one fabulous package!

Our dashing Prince Pillow dazzles with its silver hardware and adorable gray bunny, while the elegant Princess Lilibet captivates with her gold hardware and charming white bunny. And let's not forget the enchanting Bunningham Palace, with its rose gold hardware and mesmerizing pink castle. Each pen is adorned with a blend of sparkling crystals, giving your writing the royal treatment it deserves.

The Pillow Loves Lilibet set includes all three pens from the collection packaged in a gift box. 

  • Prince Pillow
  • Princess Lilibet
  • Bunningham Palace

Your pen will come with black ink installed and an extra refill cartridge.

Release Date | Mar 29, 2023

Collection | Pillow Loves Lilibet