• Under the Mistletoe

    Say hello to Under the Mistletoe, the crystal pen that's all about sneaking in that cheeky holiday charm between the lines! It's twined with a mischievous mistletoe design, complete with playful white berries that dare you to write with a wink. The crystal chamber—a delightful party of green and clear crystals—shimmers like a laugh shared over eggnog. Capped with a green gem that's as zesty as a holiday punch, and paired with silver hardware that's got more twinkle than your favorite festive lights, this pen is ready to swing into the season. Under the Mistletoe is not just any pen; it's your excuse to doodle beneath the boughs, turning notes into notes-to-self about the joy of writing and the fun of the holidays. Go on, give your words a little nudge – after all, 'tis the season to be jolly (and a little bit cheeky)!

    Release Date | November 2023

    Collection | Festive Florals