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  • Shanghai A5 Stone Paper Notebook Citypop Collection

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    Ignite your inspiration with "Shanghai," a notebook from Einstein Paper Co. that breathes fire into your every entry. Clad in a vibrant red cover that commands attention, it roars to life with a gold foil dragon, sinuous and regal, a symbol of power and good fortune that’s been known to turn a page or two of history. Within, 80 dot-grid pages of velvety soft stone paper lie in wait, each offering a canvas as auspicious as the dragon’s own path, with a 5mm grid spacing to guide your hand like the ancient streets of its namesake city. Sized at a perfect A5 (5.75"w × 8.25"h), with a sleek staple binding and elegantly rounded corners, this notebook is a fortress for your musings, waterproof and tear-resistant, just like the spirit of Shanghai itself. Let each stroke of the pen be as daring as the dragon's dance, capturing the essence of your most legendary tales in a notebook designed for immortality. 

    • Velvety soft stone paper
    • 80 dot-grid pages in each notebook
    • 5.75"w × 8.25"h, A5
    • Staple binding
    • Stylishly rounded corners
    • Waterproof, tear-resistant