• Mumbai Pen + Notebook

    Namaste, Mumbai! The Mumbai crystal pen and notebook set is like a ticket to your own Bollywood moment, where every doodle is a dance number, and each note feels like a joyful celebration. The pen shimmers with a pink-to-orange enamel barrel and comes dressed in a rose gold paisley design that's as striking as the Taj Mahal at sunrise. It’s topped with a pink gem and filled with matching crystals, turning your writing into a glittering Bollywood scene. The A5 notebook follows suit with its ombre pink-to-orange cover, with rose gold foiling that brings a touch of the Diwali spirit to your desk. With dot-grid stone paper as smooth as a sitar melody, it’s perfect for jotting down big ideas or simply daydreaming like a Maharaja. This set is your passport to creativity with a generous dash of Indian flair!

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