• Lagos A5 Stone Paper Notebook Citypop Collection

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    The Lagos notebook from Einstein Paper Company is a tribute to the rhythmic soul of Nigeria's heartbeat. Its navy blue cover is a midnight canvas, etched with the intricate silver linings of Ingo Ukara, a traditional print that tells tales as old and deep as the Atlantic that kisses Lagos's shores. This A5 treasure (5.75"w × 8.25"h) is not just a notebook; it's a vessel carrying 80 dot-grid pages of velvety soft stone paper, each page offering a 5mm spaced grid that echoes the structured chaos of a city that never sleeps. Bound with precision, its staple binding is as sturdy as the Ikoyi Bridge, and stylishly rounded corners whisper of sleek sophistication. Fear not the splash of a passing Okada or the tears of a rain-soaked Harmattan season; your musings are shielded by its waterproof and tear-resistant armor. With every page turn within "Lagos," you're not just writing—you're weaving silver into the navy tapestry of your most vivid thoughts. 

    • Velvety soft stone paper
    • 80 dot-grid pages in each notebook
    • 5.75"w × 8.25"h, A5
    • Staple binding
    • Stylishly rounded corners
    • Waterproof, tear-resistant