• Hollywood Boulevard Collection: Director's Cut ūüé¨

    Hollywood Boulevard Collection

    The creation of the newest PenGems collection, Hollywood Boulevard, started like any great director would start working with a new script. A concept or idea forms into an authentic plan, but only the greatest directors can be proactive and courageous enough to see the big picture. 

    We knew the next collection needed an inspirational edge, some classic beauty, and a fierceness commonly seen on the red carpet. We wanted to share a bit of our inner divas, too. Marilyn Monroe once said, "We are all stars, and we deserve to twinkle."  We agree, spreading sparkle and joy is the heart of PenGems.

    Metallic and chrome materials trickled onto the fashion runways as they usually do, but like that perfect moment when the stars align and red carpets roll out, our idea became as solid as the concrete foundation underneath the stars on the Walk of Fame. We designed a collection reminiscent of old and new Hollywood by capturing the perfect metallic chrome finish on the newest PenGems collection. 

    After a year of work, we finally called "cut!" We learned working with a product engineer is vital when you're redesigning your product. The moment we held the final product in our hands, we knew why Loretta Young said, "Glamour is something you can't bear to be without once you're used to it."  

    The desire for glamour doesn't mean you have to be a celebrity, it lives in everybody, from your favorite starlet to your favorite planner girl. Why not hold a pen in your hands that will make you smile knowing it was created especially for you to sparkle and feel glamorous. Keep an eye out for the Paparazzi, give yourself a Standing Ovation, and save some energy for the Afterparty!

    We'd love to know what makes you feel glamorous in the comments!