• Spoil Yourself Silly with Babygirl and Spoiled Rotten

    Ladies and gentle-scribes, grab your tiaras and prepare to be dazzled. Our latest pen releases are here, and they're dripping with so much glamour, even your desk will feel like a VIP lounge. Meet Babygirl and Spoiled Rotten, the newest must-haves in the PenGems collection. Designed for the queens who know they deserve nothing but the best, these pens are the epitome of luxurious writing instruments.

    PENGEMS Spoiled Rotten and Babygirl

    Babygirl: Pretty in Pink and Purple

    Imagine if your favorite fairy tale princess teamed up with a pop star – that’s Babygirl. This pen is a vibrant explosion of bright pink, cascading into an ombre of pink and purple crystals that twinkle like the lights at a sold-out concert. Topping it off is a gleaming purple gem, ready to sign autographs

    Spoiled Rotten: The Royal Treatment

    Being spoiled is a lifestyle. This beauty is bathed in a rich, royal purple that holds an ombre of purple and pink crystals, crowned with a stunning pink gem. Every girl deserves to be spoiled rotten, even if it’s just by her favorite pen.

    Choose Your Crown: Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold

    Our fabulous Instagram followers voted and we listened. For this release, you can choose your hardware: silver, gold, or the crowd-favorite rose gold. Most of our stock is dripping in rose gold, thanks to your overwhelming love for this finish. So, if your heart is set on silver or gold, be sure to act fast – those will be in limited supply.

    These are guaranteed to fly off the shelves faster than you can say "treat yourself," so don’t miss out on the chance to grab Babygirl and Spoiled Rotten in your favorite finish.