• Welcome to the Jungle: Enchanted Forest and River's Edge

    Grab your explorer’s hat and your best Indiana Jones impression—because we’re going on a lush, wild, jungle adventure with our newest pens, Enchanted Forest and River's Edge.

    First, Enchanted Forest, with its reflective "glass" green barrel shining brighter emerald, and rose gold touches that feel like you’ve just found hidden treasure. It has with an ombre of indigo and emerald crystals, topped with an indigo gem that’s probably visible from space.

    River's Edge is the cool, mysterious type that would totally wear sunglasses at night. It has a blue "glass" barrel that’s as deep and inviting as a jungle lagoon. With rose gold that shines like a beacon and crystals flowing from indigo to emerald, this pen is topped off with an emerald gem that’s sure to make even the toucans jealous.

    These aren’t just pens—they’re your tickets to writing adventures that are as wild as they are sparkly. 

    They'll be available this Friday at 12pm US Central Time!