• Stargazer Silicone Pen Pouch

    Ready to jet-set across the cosmos? Slip your pens into this silicone stargazer pouch and prep for liftoff! This isn't your average pen holder; it's a slice of the universe with a black zipper faster than a shooting star. At 7.25" x 2.75", it's the perfect size to cradle your writing rockets, whether you're scribbling in a cafe or penning your manifesto by moonlight. Made from silicone as flexible as your weekend plans, this pouch isn't just a carrier; it's a statement that you've got style that's out of this world. Keep your scribblers snug and stylish, because even your pens deserve a stellar ride. 

    • Size: 7.25" x 2.75"
    • Fabric: Silicone
    • Zipper: Black

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