• Tweaking Our Sparkles: A Fresh Take on PenGems Rewards

    We've got some news to share, and it's all about giving our rewards program a little nip and tuck. Starting April 1st, we're tweaking how you rack up those shiny gems with every PenGems purchase.

    Here's the Scoop

    Up till now, you've been snagging 10 gems for every dollar spent, saving them up for a rainy day discount on your next glam pen haul. While we've loved showering you with these gems, we realized it's been a bit of a balancing act.

    The Heart of the Matter

    We adore making your checkout experience as exciting as finding that perfect pen, but our hands have been a bit tied. Offering both a hefty reward later and a sweet deal now? Turns out, it's a tough gig. It's like wanting to have your cake and eat it too—fabulous, but not always feasible.

    What's Changing?

    Come April, you'll earn 1 Gem per dollar. Now, before you think we're just pulling back, hear us out. This shift is all about redistributing the love so we can sprinkle more instant joy into your shopping without waiting for your gem jar to fill up.

    Your Gem Stash

    For those of you with a gem stash that rivals a dragon's hoard, no stress. Your gems are still as precious as ever and ready for you to use just like before.

    Peeking Into the Sparkly Future

    This tweak opens up a treasure chest of possibilities for making every shopping spree with us even more thrilling. Think exclusive offers on new releases, special event weekends that sparkle with excitement, charming gifts-with-purchase that surprise and delight, and extra points weekends that make your gem collection grow faster. By shifting rewards to the front end of your purchase journey, we're paving the way for more immediate gratification and sparkling moments.

    What's Next?

    This isn't about saying goodbye to rewards; it's about saying hello to a different kind of sparkle. We're exploring new ways to make your PenGems moments shine, from the moment you click "add to cart."

    Thanks for sticking with us as we try on new things. We're all about making your PenGems journey as dazzling as possible, and this is just another step in our adventure together.

    Stay sparkly!