• Pop the Cork on Fun: Wine Country Pens in Rose Gold!

    Hey PenGems enthusiasts, get ready to uncork some excitement! Our Wine Country Collection just got a dazzling upgrade, and it's time to toast to our new additions: Que Syrah, Syrah and You Had Me at Merlot, now shimmering in silver and rose gold hardware.

    Que Syrah, Syrah, with its deep, playful red, is like your favorite dance song in pen form – it's all about making writing a party on the page. Then there’s You Had Me at Merlot, swirled in a purple that’s as fun as a night out with friends, perfect for jotting down those 'remember when' moments.

    And just for fun, we did Havana Cabana in rose gold, too!

    new in rose gold


    But hold your wine glasses high because we’ve got more! This Black Friday, we’re rolling out three fabulously fun new pens: "Stop and Smell the Rosé," for those rosy scribbles, "Chardonnay the Day Away," your go-to for sunny thoughts, and "I Make Port Decisions," the pen for bold strokes and daring doodles.

    Wine Country Bundle

    And because we know you love a good ensemble, check out our 3-pen gift sets and 7-piece bundles. They’re perfect for gifting, collecting, or just treating yourself to a bit of whimsy. Remember, with PenGems, every word you write is a reason to celebrate!