• Grenache with Panache: The Latest Buzz from Wine Country Collection

    Pop the cork and let's toast to the newest sensation in the PenGems universe, the Grenache with Panache! This isn't just any pen making its grand entrance; it's the latest vintage from our beloved Wine Country collection, and oh, does it have a story to tell.

    PENGEMS Wine Country Grenache with Panache pen

    Originally, we flirted with the idea of bringing back the Sangria by the Sea with a shimmering new barrel. We realized that the update might leave our pen aficionados scratching their heads in confusion. So, we went back to the drawing board and voilà, a star was born -- Grenache with Panache.

    Available in the most stunning finishes of silver, gold, or rose gold hardware, Grenache with Panache is not just a pen; it's a statement. It's your VIP pass to the sophisticated world of wine country, now with a twist of versatility. And here's the kicker – we've decided to give the entire Wine Country collection the triple finish treatment. That's right, every single pen in the collection, including the latest sets and bundles, now comes in your choice of silver, gold, or rose gold.

    Imagine signing off your letters, jotting down your thoughts, or even scribbling your grocery list with a pen that whispers tales of vineyards basking in the golden hour light.

    Cheers to writing with flair!