• Garnet: January's Dazzling Birthstone

    Ring in the New Year with a splash of garnet, January's gemstone that's as sassy as it is sophisticated. Not just your average pretty rock, garnet is a gem with pizzazz, a stone with stories, and, let's face it, the life of the geological party.

    These gems are more than just pretty stones. Their deep, rich reds can rival the allure of rubies, a color so mesmerizing it's been treasured since the Pharoahs ruled Egypt. And let's be real, anything that's been in vogue for that long has to be doing something right.

    It wasn't just their striking beauty that captivated the hearts of the ancients. The Romans, in particular, admired garnets for their symbolism and perceived powers of strength, prosperity, and vitality, making them a prized choice for signet rings used by the Romans to seal important documents with wax. Imagine the grandeur of such a statement piece – the Roman equivalent of rocking a bold designer necklace, but with the added "it" factor of sealing royal decrees.

    Garnets weren't just a symbol of luxury; in many ancient cultures, including those of the Egyptians and the Greeks, garnets were revered for their protective powers. These cultures believed that garnets could illuminate the night and safeguard their owners from nightmares, a trait highly valued in times when such protective symbols were sought after for both physical and spiritual wellbeing. Talk about a gem with benefits!

    Throughout history, garnets have also symbolized deep bonds of friendship, loyalty, and trust across various cultures. During the Victorian era, garnet jewelry was the ultimate expression of affection. If you wanted to declare your love or show appreciation, garnets were the way to your beloved's heart.

    The name “garnet” itself is a nod to the Latin word "granatum," akin to "pomegranate," thanks to the stone's striking resemblance to the fruit's seeds. Keep that little gem of knowledge in your back pocket for your next game of Trivial Pursuit.

    Now that you're captivated by the timeless allure and rich history of garnets, you'll obviously be looking for a way to incorporate this stunning gemstone into your everyday life. And you're in luck! For those seeking a garnet-colored birthstone pen full of elegance and mystique, look no further than our exquisite "Que Syrah, Syrah crystal pen. 

    Inspired by the color of a syrah, which just so happens to be the same color as garnet, making it a perfect representation of the January birthstone. Que Syrah, Syrah is the perfect way to say 'Happy Birthday' to all the January-born gems out there, or to treat yourself to a splash of historical chic.