• King Pippin Penguin Enamel Pin or Magnet

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    Step into a world where royalty meets whimsy with the King Pippin enamel pin (or magnet)! Reigning supreme in the land of PenGems, King Pippin dazzles in a purple royal mantle, his crown twinkling with the same charm as our signature pens. With scepter in flipper, he's not just a king; he's a style icon for all PenGemians! This soft enamel marvel, bursting with vibrant colors and exquisite detail, is your ticket to showing off your PenGem pride. Whether it's adding a pop of fun to your backpack or brightening up your fridge, King Pippin is ready to rule. Don't just stop at one - collect them all and turn your world into a PenGems parade!

    Collect them all!

    • 1.25"/3.2cm wide x 1.5"/3.8cm high
    • double posts with butterfly clutches, or a single removable magnet