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    Easter Bunny Collection 10-Piece Notebooks and Pens Bundle

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    Introducing the Pillow Loves Lilibet Collection Bundle, a royally whimsical set for the ultimate writing experience! This delightful bundle features the famed Pillow Loves Lilibet crystal pen set with Prince Pillow, Princess Lilibet, and Bunningham Palace pens, nestled in a foiled gift box. The set also includes three chic B6 notebooks, a trio of adorable magnets starring Pillow, Lilibet, and Pippin the Penguin, and a vinyl notebook cover to protect your thoughts. Unveil this splendid collection and embrace the regal charm and Easter whimsy that the Pillow Loves Lilibet Collection bundle brings to your everyday writing adventures!

    The Pillow Loves Lilibet bundle includes one of everything in the collection.

    • Prince Pillow
    • Princess Lilibet
    • Bunningham Palace
    • 3 pc B6 Notebook Set
    • Vinyl Notebook Cover
    • 3 pc Pin or Magnet Set
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    Every pen comes with black ink installed and an extra refill cartridge.

    Release Date | March 2023

    Collection | Pillow Loves Lilibet