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    Freya Pixie Dust

    Say hello to Freya,a bewitching Pixie Dust pen from our Highland Meadow Collection. Dressed in a delicate white dress, surrounded by watercolor blooming flowers, Freya brings the ethereal beauty of the Scottish Highlands right to your fingertips. The pen's blend of matching crystals shimmers like the morning dew on a highland bloom, while the aurora gem atop radiates with the mystique of a pixie's charm. Available in your choice of silver, gold, or rose gold hardware, Freya lets you pen your tales with a dash of magic, making every word you write a whisper in the wind, a petal on the flower, a secret in the Highland meadow. With Freya, you'll write not just notes, but enchantments.

    Release Date | May 2023

    Collection | Highland Meadow