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    Flower Power

    Introducing Flower Power, the vibrant crystal pen from our Trippie Hippie collection that will infuse your writing with the groovy spirit of the 70s! This sunshine-yellow pen is adorned with a retro print of flowers in white, orange, green, and red, reminiscent of the carefree days of love-ins and daisy chains. To keep the good vibes flowing, the pen has a captivating blend of orange and yellow crystals, sparkling like the first rays of sunrise on the summer solstice. And as the cherry on top, a radiant yellow gem glistens like a drop of pure sunshine, bringing warmth and joy to every word you write. With the Flower Power pen in hand, you can channel your inner hippie, and let your creativity bloom like a field of wildflowers!

    Release Date | April 2023

    Collection | Trippie Hippie