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    Elspeth Pixie Dust

    Meet Elspeth, the whimsical Pixie Dust pen from our Highland Meadow Collection. This is no ordinary pen; Elspeth brings to your desk a piece of the magical Scottish Highlands, its white barrel adorned with a watercolor winged fairy wearing a flowing green dress. The pen's blend of matching crystals twinkle with all the mischief and magic of a pixie's laughter, while the enchanting aurora gem on top gleams like a highland moonbeam. Whether you prefer Silver, Gold, or Rosegold, Elspeth is ready to flit and flutter her way into your collection, transforming every scribble into a spellbinding story. With Elspeth, let the fairy tales unfold as your pen glides across the page!

    Release Date | May 2023

    Collection | Highland Meadow