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Antsy Pantsy Summer Picnic Collection Ant Crystal Pen

Limited Edition

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Get ready to march to the beat of your own drum with the Antsy Pantsy - the pen that's as fun and quirky as its name. With a glossy brown barrel and a print of marching ants, this pen is sure to bring a smile to your face. And are those black crystals or ants in there? That matching gem on top is like a tiny little crown - proof that you're the queen (or king) of your own ant hill. Writing with this pen is like leading your own parade - it's silly, but oh so satisfying. So whether you're doodling during a boring meeting or just looking for a pen with some personality, the Antsy Pantsy is the perfect pen to help you embrace your inner antsy pants.


Your pen will come with black ink installed and an extra refill cartridge.

Release Date | Sep 03, 2021

Collection | Summer Picnic