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Cairo Citypop Collection Blue Crystal Pen

Limited Edition

Journey to the land of the Pharaohs with the Cairo - the crystal pen that's as sparkling and enchanting as the Nile River. With a sparkling blue to teal enamel barrel and an ornate art-deco Egyptian motif engraving, this pen captures the essence of ancient Egypt. And that blend of blue and teal crystals? It's like the glimmering waters of the Nile, shining in the bright sun. That mirrored gold gem on top is like a tiny pyramid, reflecting the beauty of the desert sands. Writing with this pen is like uncovering a long-lost artifact - it's smooth and effortless, but full of history and wonder. So whether you're writing down your dreams of exploring the Pyramids or just jotting down some hieroglyphics, the Cairo is the perfect pen to help you channel your inner adventurer. 


Your pen will come with black ink installed and an extra refill cartridge.

Release Date | May 30, 2022

Collection | Citypop