• Elemental Collection Bundle

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    Embrace the ultimate arsenal with the Elemental Collection Bundle, where we've packed in every slice of elemental magic just for you. It's like the Avengers of pen sets, featuring our elemental heroes: Terra, Ethereal, Flame, Breeze, and Ocean, each pen ready to conquer boredom and blandness. And because every superhero needs a sidekick, they come with matching B6 notebooks, sporting dot-grid stone paper that's smoother than a pickup line at a coffee shop. But wait, there’s more! They all snuggle up in a stylish pen pouch, because even your pens deserve a cozy retreat. Housed in a snazzy gift box, this "one of everything" bundle is for the collectors, the creators, and the downright pen-obsessed. It’s not just a set; it’s your ticket to turning the mundane into the magical, one scribble at a time.
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