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    Help Center

    Frequently Asked Questions

    General Information

    How do I open and close my pen?

    How do I change the refill?

    Can I get blue ink instead of black ink for my free refills?

    Where can I buy refills for my pens?

    My refill sticks out of the pen when the pen is closed.

    When will you restock?

    How do I become a VIP?

    I'm a VIP, but I'm not getting my VIP newsletters.

    Do you offer discounts for large orders?

    My pen is a gift, can you hide the price?

    Designer Collection Pens

    When will the Designer Collection be restocked?

    I received a "items unavailable" error when I tried to checkout.

    Shipping and Payment

    How fast will you ship my order?

    Domestic Shipping

    International Shipping

    Which types of payment do you accept?

    Texas Sales Tax

    Returns, Exchanges, and Refunds

    Love It Guarantee

    Can I return my pen, or exchange it for another color?

    My pen is defective, can you replace it?

    Signature Rewards

    Program Information

    What is the Signature Rewards program?

    Where can I see my Gems balance?

    When do Gems expire?

    What happens to my points if I cancel my account?

    Earning Gems

    How do I earn Gems?

    How many Gems do I earn?

    When will Gems be added to my account?

    Why don't I see the points I earned?

    Redeeming Gems

    How can I redeem Gems?

    Will my discount balance carry over?

    Question not answered here? Send us a message through the "Contact" tab in the navigation menu.